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Re: Tab key functionality

Posted By: John Gruener <>
Date: Friday, 28 August 1998, at 1:12 a.m.

In Response To: Tab key functionality (Kim Henkel)

Right now, pressing the Enter key on a Rename without entering any characters produces an error, (different depending on what level of the tree you're on). XTree simply acted as if Esc was pressed in this case.

Why not make the Enter key duplicate the name with the cursor at the left if no characters have been entered? This would be somewhat logical and easy to remember since the Enter key usually does a "carriage return" to the left, and has a left pointing arrow. The Tab key would remain as it is, as it's usually thought of as moving the cursor to the right.

This would be somewhat consistent with the use of the Enter key in the "Copy/Move as" prompt, in that it duplicates the name. The difference being, of course, is that here it waits for the user to edit it.

I guess it could be argued that the "Copy/Move as" prompt would benefit by having the same ability to leave the cursor at the left, in which case this won't fly, since we'd want it to be consistent. If that were the case I'd maybe suggest using Shift-Tab to duplicate all of them with the cursor at the left. The only problem with this is that it's two keystrokes, so why not just use Tab Home, as you can now? However, since rename is probably not used as often in Copy/Move operations, and when it is it's probably more likely that the end, or extension, is going to be changed, I don't think it's necessary to consider ever needing it there.

In any case, the only remaining question is how a subsequent Tab key should act when being used to change the case. Ideally, if not too difficult to do, the cursor would remain wherever it is, (or be returned to that point), even if the user has moved it to the middle of the name.

Also, if the Enter key is NOT going to be used to duplicate on Rename, then I think it should act as an Esc, like XTree, rather than giving an error.


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