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Re: Shouldn't use ZTree's Alt-'D'uplicate just the current dir?!!

Posted By: Mathias Winkler <>
Date: Sunday, 23 August 1998, at 2:43 a.m.

In Response To: Re: Shouldn't use ZTree's Alt-'D'uplicate just the current dir?!! (John Gruener)

> If I understand your example, you want to have \Backup\System
> as your target, right?


> Why not just enter that as your target, and
> choose Partial? I don't see the need for jumping back to the \Windows
> directory. Or am I missing something?

Yes, OK, this would be an option, although I'm not really pleased about the
fact that I have to manually enter a name that obviously could instead simply
be read by ZTree itself.
Going up one level is not necessary at all, you're right, and, on top of it,
it often may not produce exactly the desired result; but this is the way I'm
used to manage things from the file level (Alt-'C'opy tagged files from 'B'ranch-view).

> First, I disagree that Alt-Duplicate doesn't work as expected.
> I think it works EXACTLY as expected. We must keep in mind that
> ZTree is emulating the XTree philosophy, not Windows Explorer's.

Yeah, it's excatly this unequalled consistence of the XTree user interface
philosophy that suggests that similar commands (Alt-Graft/Alt-Dup) do actually
work in a similar manner, too!

By the way, refer also to the way the Norton Commander's (though I don't
really like nor seriously use it) F5-Copy command works, if executed on a
particular (sub-)directory: it does nothing else but to build an exact copy
of the *current* branch right below the target dir!

> Second, with that said, I agree that it would be nice to have
> the ability to duplicate the highlighted, or current, directory
> as well. However, all this saves is typing in the current subdirectory
> name as part of the target, if it doesn't already exist, (i.e.,
> you can't F2 point to it or use the F8 split screen to point to
> it).

Agreed, but, again, why do I have to "tell" ZTree things (i.e. the name of the
current branch) which it already is aware of ? Assumed you have a branch
named "Customizing the Environment" (a branch I do actually have under
"HomeSite") it isn't really that comfortable having to type in those long and
odd names again and again...?

> The thing to remember is that we're still copying files, not
> directories. The duplication of the directories is still mainly
> a subfunction of copying files, even though Alt-Duplicate duplicates
> empty directories and their attributes.

Well, I always thought Alt-Dup should rather be a kind of "Graft" without
removing the source!

> At some point in ZTree's
> evolution, maybe we'll be able to tag directories, (not the files
> within).

A very good point anyhow! I had that ideas, too;
and you're right: "at *some* point", of course it would not be fair to expect
such things within a short period, but maybe Kim will think about it,
some time...


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