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Maybe he auto-deletes Recycle Bin when HD full???

Posted By: Dan LeGate <>
Date: Thursday, 6 August 1998, at 9:31 p.m.

In Response To: WASH ? (Kim Henkel)

> I would write this off immediately except he claims that XTreeGold
> does this! I find this very hard to believe. I am 99% sure
> that the WASH function in XTreeGold (like ZTree) simply writes a temporary
> file to fill the disk, effectively overwriting any previously *deleted*
> files.
> I have tried to explain that files in the recycle-bin are only
> 'logically' deleted, but in effect, they are simply 'moved'.
> Does have comment on this? ;-)

After the Wash in XtreeGold, Windows 95 comes up with a message that says "Disk Full: You have run out of disk space on drive C. There is ##MB worth of files in the Recycle Bin on this drive. Would you like to open the Recycle Bin or empty files in the Recycle Bin from this drive?" and then it gives three options: OPEN, EMPTY and CANCEL. He must have chosen EMPTY. Choosing OPEN or CANCEL does NOT empty your Recycle Bin. Perhaps he has his system setup to bypass this warning and automatically delete the Recycle Bin when the hard drive fills up? (is that possible? maybe with Norton?)

I also tried it with Ztree (1.32r) and the same thing happened - recycle bin is still happy and in-tact after choosing CANCEL or OPEN.

I *did* notice that on my compressed hard drive, the available bytes displayed as 237meg and the wash went on to well over 400 megabytes - probably because that temp file is highly compressable - all @'s I assume. Ztree's wash was also considerably slower, but that seems to be true for most functions - at least on the 486 machine I used to test this.


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