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Compatibility with 8.3 file name standard

Posted By: Laurent Duchastel de Montrouge <>
Date: Thursday, 30 July 1998, at 5:04 p.m.

Small suggestion for Ztree: Have an option to "force" 8.3 DOS names while
creating, moving, copying and renaming files.

Reason: I work intensively with *both* Win31 and Win95 OS on the SAME hard
disk, thus sharing the same files. I prefer to stick to the old 8.3 naming
convention for many reasons, one being the compatibility with both OS. By
default Ztree names or renames files with lowercase letters and accepts
LFN (I understand that this is the whole idea of Ztree!). I can bypass
this default by pressing CAPS LOCK and counting letters each time I enter a
new name, but an option to "force" Ztree to stick to the 8.3 uppercase
convention, just as XtGold does, would be an ease to Ztree use under
dual-OS systems. It shouldn't be very complicated to code (as far as I
believe...) and a command line switch would be sufficient enough to start
Ztree in this "mode"...

In the same line of idea, I would like to have have a color option that will display in different colors file and directory names that respect the 8.3 convention, and the ones that use LFNs. This way, one can easily see which files and which directories will probably need renaming in order to be fully
compatible under Win31. This maybe however unrealistic. I don't know...

Laurent Duchastel de Montrouge

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