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Re: alt-duplicate in ztw

Posted By: Ken Meece <>
Date: Sunday, 12 July 1998, at 9:44 p.m.

In Response To: Re: alt-duplicate in ztw (Walter Rassbach)

Its taken me a long time to respond, but ... I'd like to continue discussing an enhancement of the alt-duplicate function ...

Your suggestion about an alt-synchonize function is good -- I don't care what it is called; I'd just like to have the functionality of being able to keep two branches identical in one simple operation (not the many steps now required). Maybe the alt-duplicate function could have a toggle, or a secondary option after finishing copying files to the target, to also "delete any files on the target that are not present on the source - Y/N". I think your suggestion that first one should prune the target directory defeats a major advantage of alt-duplicate which is not not take the time to recopy already existing identically dated files.

> I think this is what most people were looking for, a fast copy
> and directory
> tree duplicator, not a tree synchronization function. If you
> want to
> synchronize two trees, there are already tools out there which
> automate it
> and, in ZTree, one can always do a PRUNE of the target and
> then an
> alt-Duplicate of the source -- This is safer anyway since there
> are always
> those programs that DON'T UPDATE the file date/time or even
> roll it back
> (see, for example some of the options of PKZip, WinZip, etc.
> or look at what
> windows does with some of its cache files...) -- If I'm going
> to take a
> snapshot for backup purposes, I ALWAYS take the time to do
> it right and be
> sure that it is a completely synchronized copy (and yes, I
> do it a LOT...
> when you develop drivers and install scripts you NEVER run
> without at least
> two other copies of the operating system ready to boot...).
> Although I may
> not use alt-Duplicate much without targetting a NEW branch,
> I would certainly
> never use it here against an existing tree if it deleted files
> at the target.

> Rather than trying to get alt-Duplicate modified to do what
> you want, why not
> propose a NEW function, maybe called alt-Synchronize, which
> does what you are
> looking for, post it, and see if enough people want it to bug
> (sorry Kim :-)
> Kim into implementing it... However, rather than a completely
> automated
> function serving a narrow purpose, why not see if it can be
> made into
> something with a braoder application, maybe a special marking/tagging
> function
> across a split screen much like alt-Compare, and another function
> which
> deletes tagged files on one side of an F8-split and copies
> tagged files from
> the other side over to the first...

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