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A useful utility

Posted By: Walter Rassbach <>
Date: Monday, 6 July 1998, at 12:32 p.m.

This doesn't really fall into the main discourse for this forum, but the
audience may still be appropriate:

The is an "install" utility called TrialBlazer (or a reduced version called
TrialMagician), which which effectively does a full snapshot of your system
at the file level and then lets you do pretty much whatever you want. The
main thrust is for installs, but I have done some other things as well.

While a "trial" is running, every time you boot you are asked if you want
to continue with the "trial", revert back to the snapshot, or (in TrialBlazer
only:) "commit" the current state. If you chose to "revert", EVERYTHING is
put back the way it was when you started... Although I have not tried it in
all the variations, you can (supposedly) even do things like deleting the
registry, put on a (non-boot sector) virus, etc. and it will still revert...

It does things at the file level, so you have to be careful with BIG files
like a DriveSpace CVF, but, for the most part it seems to be foolproof -- I
have not had any problems...

One caveat -- the author of it has a thing about copy protection, and you
have to pay up front and get a copy that is already "burnt" with your PC's
serial number (or the equivalent) -- In particular, it is "burnt" to the
PC on which you DOWNLOAD it and wont run on any other machine -- I got
caught by that one, having downloaded it on one machine with the intention
of installing it on another... However, the author seems to be quite nice
and flexible and got things fixed up for me... I have been trying to
convince him that the level of "paranoia" is too high, but...

Please note: I do not have any financial stake here, but I do think that it
is a good enough product that the author should be encouraged (in the only
way that counts -- MONEY). I have been communicating with him about features,
etc. and may (if I can talk him into it) wind up working on it (at which
point, I may, if it really takes off, wind up with some "incentive" although
I am planning to try to work on it anyway...)

The URL is: (there is a US mirror too)

He also has another product called IconMagician which some of you may have
heard of -- It lets you change the icons for folders even without installing
the (buggy!) IE4 Active Desktop...

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