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Re: On XTFP / speed

Posted By: Walter Rassbach <>
Date: Sunday, 5 July 1998, at 9:54 a.m.

In Response To: On XTFP / speed (Mathias Winkler)

Sudden decreases in speed like that are usually due to hitting the "knee" in
the thrashing curve, either because they added some kind of new load to their
system (or just added enough new users..., or, worse, are getting a lot of
traffic routed through them that wasn't there before -- have they looked at
their thru-traffic?), added new drives on the same SCSI chains (yes, adding
drives can actually slow it down...), or something similar... Another
possibility is that they have/added a drive that's marginal and it is taking
a lot of retries or holding the bus just a bit too long... Most of these
problems cause the drives to miss revolutions, cutting access speeds in half
or worse...

NOTE: I design/architect high-speed disk controllers for a living (when I
can...), and I've seen this kind of thing a lot... It is VERY hard to build
a disk controller that has a smooth response all the way to saturation and
a LOT of them out there don't do so...

> Sorry to all of you, I have to apologize for that inconveniences;
> unfortunately the server's speed actually has become atrociously
> slow since about two weeks now (though before it has been quite
> reasonable).
> I have talked and emailed several times to my webspace provider's
> hotline ("Dynacom" from Frankfurt, Germany), but all they
> can say is "We are aware of that, but we don't know why and
> we don't know what to do against it" !!!!
> Shame on them!!!!!!!!! Meanwhile I'm getting upset about their
> ignorance, and as soon as I have contracted with another (hopefully
> better) provider, I'll give 'em a kick!!!!

> Of course I'll do (if things really don't get better)!
> Any provider-recommendations (and sample-pages for speed-testing)
> are kindly welcomed!

> Grin, fortunately I have neither dogs nor kids... ;-)

> Mathias

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