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Re: Ctrl/Alt-Copy/Move Enhancement

Posted By: Walter Rassbach <>
Date: Sunday, 5 July 1998, at 9:40 a.m.

In Response To: Re: Ctrl/Alt-Copy/Move Enhancement (Mathias Winkler)

No, if we are going to "force" the two ought to be kept separate for Move
since R/S/H might "mean" something different in the source and target...
I would not care if F2 cycled through something like: none, overwrite at
target, move rsh source, both, but the two ideas need to be kept separate...

Yes, one can always make things right with ctrl-/alt-Tags and ctrl-Attr.'s,
but the whole idea behind the overrides is to make things simpler WITHOUT
making them too dangerous... Separating source and target overrides is part
of making them "not too dangerous", i.e., making sure the user is always in
overt and explict control... To be honest, if an F2 on a move overrode both
the source and target, I would be a lot less likely to use it -- i.e., one
"function" to a key, not both without separation....

> Thanks, Walter, for that a good remark on the *source*-R.SH-attributes
> issue!
> However, I don't think we'll need two spearate functions/keys
> for that, a single F2-option to force delete/overwrite of all source
> *and* target R.SH-equipped files will be absolutely sufficient,

> Mathias

> P.S.Let me note, of course we currently can use CTRL-'T'ag
> and CTRL-'A'ttributes in conjunction with the 'B'ranch view in order
> to avoid that R.SH-protected copy/move/delete-task limitations,
> also! The latter procedure and an (improved) single F2-force...
> function should then really fit all needs, I think.

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