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Re: XtreeGold 3.0 overlays

Posted By: Mathias Winkler <>
Date: Jan-21-2003 7:44 a.m.

In Response To: XtreeGold 3.0 overlays (George Derby)

> I'm seeking overlay function descriptions for all the overlays in XtreeGold
> 3.0 (XTG_VSAM.XTP, XTG_VVK2_XTP, and XTG_V_EN.XTP are examples of overlay
> files).
> [...]
> Unfortunately, my Xtree book doesn't cover overlay function descriptions and
> an Internet search hasn't turned up anything either. Could you either send
> me descriptions or direct me to a source?

Here is the XTreeGold 3.x ReadMe file:


which covers this issue.

Hope this helps ?


Excerpt is below:

Filename Description

------------ -------------------------------------------

README.DOC This text file

-> XTGOLD.COM The XTreeGold program and loader

-> XTG.EXE The auxiliary program file

XTLINK.COM XTreeLink program

XTG_CFG.EXE XTreeGold configuration program and overlay

Z.EXE Zedit

ZX.EXE Non-Overlayed Zedit

ZEXEC.HST DOS shell command input history

ZFILE.HST File open input history

ZMISC.HST Search and miscellaneous input history

ZLIST.HST List of most recently edited files

ZMAC1.CFG Primary macro set

ZMAC2.CFG Alternate macro set w/pc characters

ZEDIT.TXT Zedit Users Guide

XTG_HELP.XTP Help overlay

XTG_HELP.X?0 Help text files


XTG_EDIT.XTP 1Word text editor overlay (E)

XTG_FIND.XTP Search file overlay (CTRL+S - file window)

XTG_FORM.XTP Format diskette overlay (ALT+F2)

XTG_HEXX.XTP View Hex editor overlay (E from view)

XTG_MENU.XTP Application Menu overlay (F9)

XTG_MOVE.XTP Graft overlay (ALT+G)

XTG_OOPS.XTP Undelete overlay (O - directory window)

XTG_VIEW.XTP View file overlay (V - file window)

XTG_V_TO.XTP Word processor conversion utility (for all formats)

XTG_WASH.XTP Wash disk overlay (ALT+W - directory window)

XTG_WBAT.XTP Write batch file overlay (CTRL+B - file window)

XTG_AZIP.XTP Archive Manager files (CTRL+F5, ALT+F5)




XTGOLD.PIF Files for running XTreeGold in Windows




BAT.BAT Association (Open) batch file for .BAT files

COM.BAT Association (Open) batch file for .COM files

EXE.BAT Association (Open) batch file for .EXE files

ARC2ZIP.EXE Converts ARC to ZIP - External use

PKUNZIP.EXE PKWARE's unzip program, used in installation

XTGOLD.CFG Configuration File

XTGOLD.HST History File

XTGOLD.TOG History file for toggle switches

XTG_MENU.DAT Menu Data File

EGAVGA.BGI Borland Graphics Interface Files


XTG_GDRV.XTP Graphic overlay used for all graphics

XTG_CGA.DRV CGA Graphics driver

XTG_EGA.DRV EGA Graphics driver

XTG_VGA.DRV VGA Graphics driver

XTG_HERC.DRV Hercules Graphics driver

XTG_MCGA.DRV MCGA Graphics driver

Viewer Overlays and file sizes

XTG_GDWG.EXE DWG - DXF: AutoCad Formats 130,814

XTG_GBMP.XTP BMP - Windows 3.x Bitmap 17,330

XTG_GGIF.XTP GIF - Compuserve Graphics Interchange 48,402

XTG_GICO.XTP ICO - Windows 3.x Icon 17,360

XTG_GIMG.XTP IMG - GEM Desktop 17,078

XTG_GLBM.XTP LBM - IFF: Deluxe Paint-Commodore Amiga 18,936

XTG_GMAC.XTP MAC - MacPaint I, II 16,862

XTG_GMSP.XTP MSP - Microsoft Paint 16,816

XTG_GPCX.XTP PCX - PC Paint 17,264

XTG_GPIC.XTP PIC - Pictor, Paint 17,792

XTG_GTIF.XTP TIF - Tagged Image File Format 19,882

XTG_GWPG.XTP WPG - WordPerfect Graphics (Bitmap) 18,194

XTG_VAMI.XTP Ami Pro 1-1,1-2,2.0 / Write Plus 49,641


XTG_VFFT.XTP DisplayWrite (Final Form Text) 28,441

XTG_V_DC.XTP DisplayWrite (Revisable Form Text) 56,429

XTG_V_EN.XTP Enable (wp) 1.0, 2.0, 2.15 27,953

XTG_VFRM.XTP Framework III (wp) 1.0, 1.1 30,127

XTG_VIBM.XTP IBM Writing Assistant 1.0 26,663

XTG_VWKS.XTP Lotus 123 / Quattro / Excel 88,736

XTG_VWKE.XTP Lotus 123 v / Excel 4.0 73,520

XTG_V_LM.XTP Lotus Manuscript 2.0, 2.1 54,555

XTG_VMSR.XTP Microsoft-RFT (Rich Text Format) 65,089

XTG_V_MW.XTP Microsoft Word 38,225

XTG_VWFW.XTP Microsoft Word for Windows 68,453

XTG_VWM4.XTP Microsoft Word Mac 3.0, 4.0 63,223

XTG_VWOR.XTP Microsoft Works 33,879

XTG_V_MM.XTP MultiMate 3.3, 3.6, Adv. II 3.7, 4 34,471

XTG_VOFF.XTP OfficeWriter 4.0, 5.0, 6.0, 6.1 30,769

XTG_VPDX.XTP Paradox 3.0, 4.0 76,544

XTG_VPFS.XTP PFS: First Choice \ Write Version C 38,023

XTG_V_QA.XTP Q&A Write 1.0 / Q&A 3.0 26,111

XTG_VRAP.XTP RapidFile 1.0, 2.0 27,365

XTG_VSAM.XTP Samna Word IV / HP AdvanceWrite Plus 29,381

XTG_VVK3.XTP Volkswriter 3, 4 / Total Word 1.2, 1.3 34,801

XTG_VVK2.XTP Volkswriter Deluxe 2.2 21,157

XTG_VWWR.XTP Windows Write 43,391

XTG_VWP4.XTP Word Perfect 4.1, 4.2 28,739

XTG_VWP5.XTP Word Perfect 5.0, 5.1 53,395

XTG_VWP6.XTP Word Perfect 6.0 47,195

XTG_VWP1.XTP Word Perfect Mac 1.0 31,407

XTG_VWP2.XTP Word Perfect Mac 2.0 39,649

XTG_V_WS.XTP Wordstar 3.3, 3.31, 4.5, 5.5, 5.6 65,581

XTG_VWS2.XTP Wordstar 2000 33,835

XTG_V_XY.XTP XyWrite III, III Plus 52,517

>XTreeGold 3.x ReadMe File

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