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XTree-like fileman under DOS with LFN support !!!

Posted By: Mathias Winkler <>
Date: Jan-6-2002 11:29 p.m.

No, this posting's subject is not a joke, it really works !!!

After all, I have been able to run the Win9x DJGPP compiled version of
ytree from:


with the help of the DPMI driver:


under plain DOS, and what's even more exciting, using LFNDOS from:


we finally have an XTree-like filemanager running under plain DOS
and displaying Long File Names !!!
Yeah, it really works !!

However, there are a lotta drawbacks:
- Directory with Long Names are not read/logged and cause an error message.
- I have only tried to read disks, since any write command may cause damage
- Logging is *very_very* slow

And this is definitely not an application/solution for the masses
or for any serious use, because it's much too buggy (yet ?),
but, anyhow, it's damned fascinating !!

BUT: *Be_warned*:
Try all this at your own risk !!
Trying to execute any disk write commands like Copy, Rename or Move, etc.
hasn't been tested yet an may cause irrevocable damage to your hard disk !!!

Happy hacking

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