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Re: Internal viewer 'Fuzzy' searching

Posted By: Greg Akers <>
Date: Nov-20-2001 3:11 p.m.

In Response To: Internal viewer searching (Gavin)

> Is there a wild card/symbol for letters or words with the internal
> viewer?

> I want to search for two words but not worry about charecters in between
> them but have them close enough so that they are associated to each other.

> so that I could search for diamitor and circumference and in the line
> below it wouldn't matter that the words "times the" is between
> them.

> "The length of the radius is equal to the diamitor times the
> circumference".

> But I wouldn't want the word diamitor in one paragraph and circumference
> in another.

You can enter a '*' wildcard character to employ a 'fuzzy' search. The '*' will match up to 80 characters regardless of their value. For example, 'a*b' will match any instance of the character 'a' followed by up to 80 characters of any type followed by the character 'b' [all on the same line of text].

When entering the text string, remember that the case of the characters being entered is ignored.

This is mentioned in the VIEW section of "More Tips On XTree By Tom Ruben" at here on the XTree Fan Page at >

Hope this helps.

>More Tips On XTree By Tom Ruben

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