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Re: On ZTree-wishlist #1: Duplicate branches!

Posted By: Walter Rassbach <>
Date: Monday, 29 June 1998, at 3:44 a.m.

In Response To: Re: On ZTree-wishlist #1: Duplicate branches! (Kim Henkel)

I will add a second "third vote" since I would use it regualarly... Right now
I take snapshots from my various partitions to DriveSpace CVF's using:

XCOPY x:\*.* y:\ /S /E /C /K /F /H (the C allows for the swap file...)
BTW: Kim, you may want to add an option to "keep going" both here and in the
other ctrl-/alt-/Copy/Move/Delete commands -- coupled with an option (for
Copy) to untag files as they are done (or, for alt-D, maybe to tag them), it
would be VERY useful...

CAVEAT: I recently did an alt-Copy from a large directory with a large number
of small files with a 2GB Jaz disk as the target... ZTree dumped a LARGE
number of blocks into the windows cache, and the cache software proceeded
to overload the Jaz firmware, which started throwing errors back (at least,
I think it was the Jaz firmware...-- It could have been windows...), including
READ errors (I presume, against the FAT or a directory). The upshot is that
the Jaz disk is now unusable, it won't even low-level format...!! (fortunately
I know some people and will be able to get a new one in trade...). I WOULD LIKE TO STRONGLY REQUEST IMPLEMENTATION OF SOME KIND OF PACING PARAMETER,
e.g., "don't dump data faster than x MB/sec (calculated using the actual
cluster size, NOT the file size -- my guess is that part of the problem I
encountered was the very smal files into a 32K cluster...) [NOTE: This part
of this message will also be posted in the "Bugs-in-ZTree" board...}

I would like to see this apply to the root directory as well as a branch...
In addition, extending Prune to deal with the root would be nice...

> [...]

> I think it sounds like a very good idea! I'm going to need
> *three* votes however to be able to undertake such a big task ;-)

> Cheers
> Kim

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