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xtg salesmen, scumbags, and community. . .

Posted By: anthony matthew <>
Date: Apr-10-2001 8:56 p.m.

hi, well first off greets,respect, and kindest regards to all xtg users - EXCEPT for all these scummy little scumbax i see on this site ignoring requests for help or tryin to get people to buy xtg copies...

i too recently lost my install disks for v3 and came here looking for help - and the 'community' that i know exists amongst (perhaps the older?)- xtg users...
community... hmmm, well aint too much community in anythin these days eh?... but, after a lot of searching and hard work... perhaps i can change that...
please be advised, if ANYONE wants a copy of v3 xtgold then please email me an i'll juss send it ... just like the hundreds, no, thousands of other users used to in the old days. (new users will perhaps be unaware of the history of xtgold.. and i dont know it myself fully, but one very important aspect of it that i DO know is that generally, most folk didnt buy their first copy of xtg... somebody gave it you - then, (9 times out of 10) you went out an bought your own copy cos it was so damn good...
now all i see are blidy software salesmen,conmen,wideboys, and scumbags who should just peddle off somewheres else... (microsoft is always lookin fo salesmen i hear)

my copy is a zipped copy of all the xtgold v3 files from my own directory - which nevertheless works juss fine when unzipped.
let me know - especially if you juss need a working copy of xtg back again

p.s. oh, an AS SOON as i get my own bleedin web pages finished - i WILL be offering a FREE download of as many xtg/dos rescue/util products as i can find to ANYONE who juss needs their old stuff/xtgold back again...
hmmm, i wonder if i'll make a NEW community! hee hee hee.

kind regards and hi to all xtg folk (a community that was built upon the foundations of HELPING people...) - who will know exackly wot i am on about... anyone who does not please bog off to microsoft! (they can relate to tryin to get money for very little..)
a.m. :0)

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