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Re: XTree eXTreme!

Posted By: Greg Akers <>
Date: Apr-8-2001 9:30 p.m.

In Response To: XTree eXTreme! (XTree Fan)

I may have shot my mouth off prematurely on the ZTreeWin Forum (> recently when I said there that eXtreme's full screen window mode for seeing more rows and columns of text is unique among console mode XTree clones. I should have consulted the XTree eXpert(s) here first. ;-)

Sure, GUI file managers can do this but I don't recall seeing this in a console mode file manager. Does anyone know of another?

> Wow!

> I was just browsing the "clones" page here on the XTree Fan
> Page and tried the latest version of eXTreme at >
> > / and is it ever one Fast! XTree
> clone!!

> And it can even use the full screen under Windows NT or Windows 2000 for
> a great many more rows and columns!!! *Excellent* for working with very
> long file names or directory names. With a very readable 8x12 font I could
> see 90 very long filenamess with up to 175 characters each all at the same
> time!!! **Awesome**

> Too bad eXTreme doesn't have all the features of XTreeGold or ZTreeWin.
> So, I can't use it for everything, like I used to do with XTG and now do
> with ZTW. But it's definitely found a place in my software toolbox! (At
> least until ZTreeWin can do the same.)

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