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Re: XFP Updates and ZTree's XTree Heritage

Posted By: Mathias Winkler <>
Date: Mar-25-2001 5:01 p.m.

In Response To: XFP Updates and ZTree's XTree Heritage (Greg Akers)

> Actually you might wanna add a link to this article on your
> "Reviews" page, or somewhere,

Yep, I now added a link to it (and to two more reviews)
at the XTFP "Links"-section:


> for it's fascinating reference to
> the part about Kim offering to program a 32-bit OS/2 version of XTreeGold
> for the XTree Company before they sold out to Central Point! You might
> already have this on your website somewhere, but I don't remember reading
> it before.

No, it's not explicitely mentioned this way at the XTFP,
the XTFP "History"-section just reports:

| During the 10 years of official XTree history the original DOS product has been
| evolved also for a number of further operating systems, as there are Unix,
| MacOS, Novell Netware, and Windows. However, there never has been an XTree
| version for IBM's OS/2 and this has been the motive for the Australian
| programmer Kim G. Henkel, in 1993 to start writing a clone of XTreeGold 3.0 DOS
| as a native OS/2 application, calling it "ZTreeBold".

As far as I know, there have been reasons that XTree Company, towards the end
of their existence, never considered at all to produce a XTree port to OS/2
nor any similar project ...

> I also didn't realize that John C. "Dvorak also arranged for
> Symantec to agree to allow Henkel legal rights to use XTree's look and
> feel." That gives ZTree even more legitimate heritage than any other
> XTree clone, as far as I've ever heard!!

Well, in fact, I think, this arrangement mainly ensures Zedtek to be able
to distribute ZTreeWin as a commercial product, without having to reckon on
a Symantec lawsuit ...

> Do you know of any other such legal arrangement for an XTree clone? I
> guess UnixTree, formerly known as "XTree for UNIX Systems" is
> the only other legal XTree descendant, eh?

Hm, well, we have to pay attention not to mix up things:

Strictly speaking neither ZTree nor UnixTree is and will ever be a "legal
XTree descendant", because
firstly their authors respectively companies (Zedtek in the
case of ZTree) do have nothing to do whatsoever with the former XTree Company
(nor with Central Point or Symantec, of course).

Secondly, none of these program have derived a single line of code from the
original XTree for DOS versions !!

So they're both just clones, however, some damned good clones, I think !


Mathias Winkler, XTFP

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