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Re: ZtreeWin is the Best!

Posted By: An XTree Fan for 15 Years
Date: Mar-13-2001 2:01 a.m.

In Response To: ZtreeWin (XtreeGold Fan)

> Did anyone ever try ZtreeWin?

Sure, lots of people use ZTreeWin as a very effective 32-bit substitute for the good old XTreeGold. See the ZTreeWin Forum at > for a very vocal and enthusiastic group of ZTreeWin users willing to help others.

ZTreeWin is lauded here on the XTree Fan Page's list of XTreeGold clones at > as: "The closest!! If any program should have the merit to be named 'XTreeGold 5.0', then this one!"

At > Jeffery C. Johnson, inventor of the directory tree and author of XTree and XTreeGold, says, "YES The ZTreeWin file manager by Kim Henkel is a viable alternative to XTreeGold for 32 bit Windows platforms."

ZTree also gets some very good press. John C. Dvorak said, "There has never been anything close to it for ease of use and versatility. ZTree's as good as it gets." See this and many other reviews at >

> I tried ZtreeWin program which is suppose to be like XtreeGold,
> but there is so many Beta's and quarks and fixes, I deleted it.

The beta versions, and more numerous alpha versions (called zeta's and posted on the ZTreeWin Forum for the diehard fans), each have many additions and fixes requested by the army of enthusiastic users. This is a true sign of rigorous testing and unswerving dedication to stability, performance and utility by ZTree's one-man developer/programmer/marketer.

If you're leary of beta software, then stick with the last released version 1.41 available at > The next release, version 1.50, is due out soon.

> I want my XtreeGold back that works.

XTreeGold still works just fine! It even works under Windows 95, 98, 98SE, ME, and NT 4.0 if you just set the disk logging configuration to "Standard" method and YES to read only the root directory and directory tree. I still use XTreeGold to unzip and install new beta and zeta versions of ZTreeWin as soon as they're available, and to compare functions between the two programs.

I lived with XTreeGold's 16-bit shortcomings in 32-bit Windows for about 4 years before finding ZTreeWin to be just the thing I was hoping XTreeGold would become.

What more could you ask? If you think of something then post it on the ZTreeWin Forum at >

>The ZTreeWin Unofficial Homepage

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