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Re: opening xtree

Posted By: Greg Akers <>
Date: Feb-26-2001 2:23 a.m.

In Response To: opening xtree (Bob O'Hara)

> I have installed both xt pro and xtree gold on new computers when I got
> them. I casn only get partial use of the program since Windows 95 was
> prevalent.

Well you certainly came to the right place, Bob. Check out the other messages here and the other pages of this XTree Fan Page website for answers to your questions about XTree.

> I've resorted to using Windows Explorer since then, but certainly would
> prefer xt.

Yep! ... been there, ... done that, too. Although I never had your problems using XTreeGold under Windows 95, and later even 98, and now also under Windows ME & NT4, there are some things that Explorer does better. Then I found ZTree, and my prayers were answered!! (see below for more)

> When onening, message "not enough memory" appears. Then, if I
> hit esc, I can use it for some files on the C drive. I used to be able to
> also access my Zip drive, but no more. That's probably because I'm now
> with Windows 98.

Hmm... Perhaps it's the driver for your Zip drive that only makes the disk available to Windows and not the DOS mode that XTree runs in. You might try an updated driver from >> ANYONE ELSE HERE HAD THIS PROBLEM?

> Is there some way to utilize xt with Windows 98?

Sounds like your immediate problem with XTree under Windows 98 should be fixable by following the instructions at >>

But there's still the basic problem that XTree development has not kept up Windows and hardware development. That's where ZTree comes in to pick up the slack!! Check out the XTree "clones" page at >> for comparisons. Or just go directly to the source at >>

I can't say enough about how ZTreeWin has carried on the XTree tradition for the new 32-bit versions of Windows. More info is available at >> and the ZTreeWin Forum at >>

Hope this helps you, Bob. Come join the fun!!!

>ZTreeWin Unofficial Homepage

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