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Re: Xtree (UNIX) - Term Issue

Posted By: Mathias Winkler <>
Date: Feb-11-2001 9:35 a.m.

In Response To: Xtree (UNIX) - Term Issue (David Martin)

> I am on a unix machine and am using VT100 emulation. However, I am unsure
> on how to tell the Xtree program to use VT100. I copied the VT100.trm to
> term.trm, also pointed to the correct term info via. a set var., but no
> luck. What am doing wrong?

xtree for UNIX reads the variable TERM on your system, and then looks for an
according *.trm file in /usr/lib/xt .

So first find out what's the name of your system's TERM variable
("echo $TERM") .
Then copy the vt100.trm to the respective [your_term_name].trm
in directory /usr/lib/xt .

Alternatively, you could also define an appropriate XTTERM variable,
such as: "export XTTERM=vt100"
(Note that the XTTERM variable takes precedence over the standard
TERM variable).

Note you can also set other paths for xtree for UNIX to look for by defining
the variable XTPATH.
For example, your ~/.profile could contain something like this:
"export XTPATH=.:~:/usr/local/lib/xt:/home/user/.xtree"
(Bash example. Also, consult xt's man page) .

Finally, if your using either xtree for UNIX version 1.0 or 1.1,
I'd recommend to have a look at "UnixTree", which is a much improved successor
of xtree for UNIX. There are recently enhanced versions to download for free
at the UnixTree homepage: >

Hope this helps


>UnixTree, successor of xtree for UNIX

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