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On ZTree-wishlist #1: Duplicate branches!

Posted By: Mathias Winkler <>
Date: Saturday, 27 June 1998, at 11:15 p.m.

Although there are Graft and Prune-branch features in XTreeGold, one of the very few missing substantials has always been the ability to duplicate (copy) entire branches.

To accomplish that task in Win95's DOS 7.0 you can use a command line like this:

xcopy32 c:\windows d:\backup\win\ /w /-y /f /s /e /k /h /i

to backup the the complete "Windows" branch with all its subdirectories (including empty ones!) and preserve all the orginal directory attributes (for instance the "System" attribute of the "Fonts" subdir!).

And in XTreeGold or ZTreeWin ? Currently you have to tag all files in the branch (CTRL-F7), jump to the parent directory (left arrow), invoke the Branch-view ('B'), press ALT-'C'opy, confirm the "Duplicate paths and COPY all tagged files as" prompt with the Return-key and then, finally, you can enter the destination directory! Not only you have to trouble no less than four different commands for it, as if that wasn't enough, XTree/Ztree will neither include empty subdirectories nor preserve any directory attributes apart from the "Archive" one!
Hard to believe, but that is one of the rare instances of a file-managing problem solved far easier in the Win95-Explorer (just hit the "Copy"-button on the source directory, and the "paste"-button on the target dir!).

Could we stand this awkward drawback? IMHO not!
That's why I plead for a "Duplicate branch" command to be implemented in ZTree, obviously invoked from the directory window by ALT+'D'uplicate!

Anyone agrees ?


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