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Re: XTGW 4.0(?) and Clones on Family Tree

Posted By: Greg Akers <>
Date: Oct-16-2000 2:38 p.m.

In Response To: Re: XTGW 4.0(?) and Clones on Family Tree (Mathias Winkler)

> Yes, that's why it *is* closer to the "divinig line" than, for
> example, the XTreeGold for DOS lineage !

Mathias, excuse me if I'm nitpicking this subject here, but it fascinates me ;-)

I think the proximity to the "dividing line" (timeline) of the versions could be a good horizontal guide to the "closeness" of the versions to the real XTree versions. It might even help someone considering using some of the clones to know what to expect of them.

The DOS and Net versions are the only ones further from the dividing line than XTGW 4.0, XTreeNet being the most far away. Is that *meant* to indicate that XTreeMac, XTreeWin, and xtree for UNIX are all more like clones than even XTGW 4.0 is? And is XTreeNet actually less of a clone than XTreePro, XTreeProGold & XTreeGold? (I really don't know and am asking your opinion for my enlightenment ;-)

Further along this "dividing line" analogy, is DTree the closest clone? Closer even than UnixTree which seems, from the solid line, to even share code (at least code influence, whatever that is) with the non-clone xtree for UNIX?

Then, as ZTree continues to evolve in the Win32 and OS/2 environments, won't it tend to actually become less close to the real XTree versions which never really entered there? This would seem especially true if/as ZTree changes long-time XTree key assignments and/or function names for the sake of logical consistency or to conform with new functions XTree didn't have. Not that this is necessarily a bad thing; in some ways our children must evolve from us just as we had to evolve from our parents ;-)

Anyway, I'm not calling for a redraw of your XTree Family Tree just to reinforce this horizontal axis of relativity. But, if you were considering any updates or corrections for other reasons, this might be something to think about also.

Very interesting ...

>XTree Family Tree

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