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Re: XTree and Clones Family Tree & Anniversary

Posted By: Mathias Winkler <>
Date: Oct-13-2000 3:27 a.m.

In Response To: XTree and Clones Family Tree & Anniversary (Greg Akers)

> Mathias, that's a very cool genealogical tree on your Miscellaneous page
> at > > It really
> says a lot.

Thanks, I'm really glad you like it !

> Was there some reason you left off the version 4.0 from XTreeGold for
> Windows?

Oh, I haven't left it off, I just left off the *version_number* at its
entry; look in year 1994 at the right (= original XTree versions) side of
the tree, with the "Norton Navigator File Manager" as (direct) successor in

Well, maybe I should add the "4.0" version number in an updated version of
the tree - although this numbering pretends a version directly derived from
XTreeGold 3.0/3.01, which is actually not true, In fact, it would be more
precise to name XTGW 4.0 as an XTree-"clone" from Central Point Software,
just "influenced" by the XTreeGold for DOS versions !

> Many of the clones don't show any version numbers. I assume these were
> left off because of space limitations or something? As a ZTreeWin fan I'm
> very happy with it as-is. But I wonder what the fans of the other clones
> think.

Well, it's true, that I became somewhat short of space at the very left
side of the tree, yet on the other hand some of these clones appearently
had no more than *one* major/official release, (DisKing, Disk Haunting,
Calypso, CDCAT), while others haven't yet gone further than a 0.x
pre-release series (eXtreme, XTC, linuXtree), so there's not so much
substantial data that is left off. But you're right concerning programs
like FileMaster and ytree; so I may probably add version numbers for at
least these two clones in a next release of the "XTree-tree".

> Anyway, thanks Mathias for this wonderfully informative resource. And
> congratulations (if a little late) on the third anniversary of your XTree
> Fan Page last month!! May you have many more.

Thanks very much, I'll do my best !

Kind regards
Mathias Winkler

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