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Re: OOP'S recovery

Posted By: Mathias Winkler <>
Date: Aug-29-2000 11:39 p.m.

In Response To: OOP'S recovery (Alan)

> I need help. My (ex) wife deleted all of my personnal files from windows.
> Found out about OOP's in XTree but the files are all gibberish and the
> file extensions are all jumbled (jpg, xls, doc, bmp, rtf). Does anybody
> know how to unscramble these files.

What operating system do you run ? If its Windows 3.1, there might be a chance.
You "only" have to "guess" all the first characters of the filenames,
because these cannot be restored as well. However, the rest of the
filename, as well as the file's contents can be completely restored in many
(not all!) cases.

*But*, if its Windows 95 or 98 *do_not_ever* try to issue any XTreeGold Oops or
other DOS apps undelete command on your system !! This *may* cause irreparably
damages to your filesystem. If you are lucky you have some damaged files. If
you are unlucky, your entire system may become instable !

The reason therefore is, that Windows 95/98 uses some extensions to the old
DOS "FAT" filesystem (called "VFAT") to store the long filenames. Any DOS
application necessarily is unaware of those extensions, and therefore
possibly overwriting them.

For undelete tasks under Win95/98 systems, please look, for example, for
"Norton Utilities for Win 95/98", which include, amongst others, a powerful
undelete program. See its homepage linked below.

Hope this helps


>See Norton Utilities homepage for an undelte program for Win95/98 !

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