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Re: Truly FUN new XTree clone

Posted By: Greg Akers <>
Date: Aug-21-2000 10:33 p.m.

In Response To: Re: Truly Amazing new XTree clone (Mathias Winkler)

> Well, firstly, "UnixTree" is mainly intended as an XTree clone for *Unix*,
> while the Win port is there "just for fun", for playing with it.
> Not really for becoming a ZTree competitor.

Yeah, I tried WinTree "jist fer grins" because I really am sold on ZTreeWin. But I DO LOVE that expanded layout option WinTree has. Now THAT'S fun. (Hope Kim's lurking here. ;-)

> Well, if you open a DOS bos first and call xt.exe, you'll se the error
> message:
> "XT: ~ does not exist."

It *WAS* working for me under WinNT4, then it stopped!?! My WinNT4 DOS box now says "SIGSEGV signal [Segmentation violation] received." when I try to run just xt.exe alone!

> This is, because under Unix, UXT tries to log by default to the "home
> directory" (which is represented by the "~" (tilde)
> character). Obviously, in
> Windows there is no home or ~ directory...

> The first workaround is, to start it as "xt.exe c:\", which then logs
> the C: drive root instead. Later, you can configure this to the new
> default: call the config F4-F10, "1 Modify...", goto Page 3, change
> "2 default node" from "~" to "C:\".

Running "xt.exe c:\" gets it running, but that's required *even after* I change the default node logging to c:\ in the F4-F10 configuration!? Saving the configuration to a .xtrc, xt.rc, or xt.cfg file doesn't seem to make xt.exe run without the "c:\" command line parameter.

> Hm, mine works OK in Win98, with all the ordinary box drawing characters.
> Try the -c command line switch ("Use alternate char sets"),
> i.e. call "xt.exe -c", and see what happens.

I didn't get "xt.exe -c" to run, but in the configuration for the Display I found "3 use alternate char sets" was set to "on." When I turned it "off" I got the ascii line characters I was looking for. This seems backwards!

> It's there with "F3" !
> The problem with the CTRL and ALT commands/menus is:

Good thing you told me that F3 brings up the Ctrl menu!?! I *might* have figured it out later, rather than sooner. :-)

Thanks for your help, Mathias. I'll try to find some other interesting things in WinTree from time to time.

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