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Posted By: Greg Akers <>
Date: Jun-30-2000 12:01 a.m.

In Response To: ZTREEWIN vs XTGOLD (Marcellus Perkins, Sr.)

> I have been a fan of XTGOLD since the old days of its beginning and was
> wondering why I had not heard anything about new releases. Well, I am
> still running XTGold 3.01 with Windows '98, and will not give it up unless
> something is absolutely better.

Welcome to the club! There are lots of people still running, and loving, XTGOLD.

> Question: I am about to download the new
> ZTREEWIN (trial version) Will I encounter compatibilty issues running them
> both?

No, XTGOLD and ZTreeWin will happily co-exist. They can even share files! See the ZTreeWin Tips and Tricks page at > for more about this. You'll also find lots of ZTreeWin references here on the XTree Fan Page website.

> Incidently, XTREE for Windows, version 4 was a dud! Any version of
> XT should be as close as possible to 3.01. Man, am I ever disappointed
> that they have chosen to discontinue this GREAT product. It just makes me
> sick!

Yep, XTree is a great combination of a lot of basic PC utilities. Too bad it's development was discontinued just before the advent of long file names, large memory spaces and huge hard disks. This really restricts and limits XTree's use these days.

ZTree picks up where XTree left off and handles today's long file names, large memory spaces, and huge hard disks with ease. And it uses your own favorite external zip/unzip utilities and editor programs , so it doesn't restrict you or get outdated.

Plus, the author of ZTree reads and heeds your comments and suggestions at the ZTreeWin Forum at > in addition to providing unlimited e-mail support. Most of the differences you'll find between XTreeGold and ZTreeWin were requested by ZTreeWin users in order to enhance the venerable XTreeGold interface for today's 32-bit Windows environments.

After the trial version 1.41 of ZTreeWin you might want to try the latest beta version available at > to see even more enhancements that are about to be released in the new ZTreeWin version 1.50 soon.

Hope this helps you!

>ZTreeWin Unofficial Homepage

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