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Yeah! I like that! And how about...

Posted By: Dan LeGate <>
Date: Wednesday, 24 June 1998, at 9:34 a.m.

In Response To: Filename Space conversion (Kim Henkel)

> Somebody made an interesting request to assist in the renaming of files
> containing spaces. he would like an easy way to convert, for
> example: Phantom of the Opera (Webber, Andrew Lloyd) [04;05].mid
> to phantom_of_the_opera_1.mid
> I'm wondering if there might be merit in supporting a function
> to convert spaces to '_', in the same way that Tab converts case.

Yeah... and would you have the ability to toggle from spaces to _'s? In other words, if I have a bunch of files that *started out* with the _'s everywhere and I want to convert them all to spaces, could I do that too?

This would be very effective as a Ctrl-R addition I think.

I've also always wanted the ability to rename files with incrementing values. For instance: doing a Ctrl-R and entering *[###].* would rename




and entering: *.??[#,0,2] would rename




> The other requirements is a Ctrl-left and Ctrl-right function
> to skip to words, which needs to be added anyway ;-)

Agreed. I'd also like to see a directory-level option that allows us to use Shift-Number to skip down to a directory name that begins with a number. As Shift-X would jump to c:\XTGOLD, Shift-3 should jump to c:\3dgames.


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