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Re: Upgraded the XTree Forum script version !

Posted By: Greg Akers <>
Date: Jan-23-2000 12:57 a.m.

In Response To: Re: Upgraded the XTree Forum script version ! (Mike Gaber)

>> Also I was wondering (possibly this has something to do involving the
>> "Set Preferences"), but is it possible to make the
>> "NEW" Messages standout better as it does on Victor Garcia's
>> ZTree Win Forum.

Yes, Victor's "NEW" indicator does stand out *visually* very well on the ZTreeWin Forum page. But it's a graphic GIF file, and my internet connection at work is very slow at loading graphics (maybe the proxy or firewall slows them down?). Those outstanding "NEW" indicators sometimes take so long loading that I'm already reading messages before they appear.

Plus, my biggest problem with those bright graphics (which I'd love for Victor to make text-based) is that I can't search for the "NEW" indicators with Ctrl-F like I do here on the XTree Forum. The Ctrl-F finds and highlights the text-version "NEW:" here when it's not at the top of the list faster and better than I could visually no matter what color it is!

I think both these forums should allow the use of this Ctrl-F keyboard facility since their subject programs are so keyboard friendly and non-GUI.

Please, Mathias, whatever you do with your "NEW:" indicator PLEASE keep it text based so the Ctrl-F will still find it!! Also, I think the colon (:) helps keep it unique from the regular word when used in a message subject line. Thanks for keeping this useful feature (I hope).

>> In his forum the word NEW is in white and with a border around it, and
>> thus makes it stand out better than yours does which is hard to read
>> against the blue background... I confess to being a little color blind as
>> you can probably guess.

> OOPS: Correction: Victors Forum has the "NEW" in yellow, with a
> black border which shows up very nicely against a white background...
> Mike...

I see Mathias has already changed the color of his "NEW:" indicator to red. Maybe this will help some, but it doesn't stand out to my brand of colorblindness as well as the previous yellow (I think it was) did.

But I won't quibble about the color as long as it remains text-based.

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