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Re: Oh boy... Upgraded from old xtgold ver and now

Posted By: Greg Akers <>
Date: Jan-3-2000 8:01 p.m.

In Response To: Oh boy... Upgraded from old xtgold ver and now... (John Chleapas)

> In Win 98 all I get is "upgrade" showing on the xtree pro gold screen when I attempt to launch the program.

I'm no expert, but I've never seen such a message. Could this "upgrade" message be from a Y2K checker program that identified XTreeGold as an older program that may not be Y2K compliant??? Is this "upgrade" message in a regular Windows dialog box with anything else, any clues, in that window such as another program name in the titlebar, or any other info?

> My computer locks up, and then I must reboot to recover. ... I stupidly took for granted that xtree gold *might* work under Winsows 98. ...

XTreeGold can, indeed, work under Win98 on many computers! The trick is to make sure the XTreeGold configuration (Alt-F10) is set for a Disk Logging Method of "Standard" and it may work for you, too. (Don't know if the "upgrade" message might interfere, though.) The XTreeGold "Quick" Disk Logging Method, which is most often used, DOES cause lock-ups, freezes and hanging problems in Win98. Fortunately it's easy to change that. :-)

> ... with only two days to spare before Y2K I had my pentium 233 computer finally able to "shed" Win3.1. I upgraded my hard disk as I was plain out of room, new 56k modem, and win 98. ... Now lost to me is all kinds of important saved e-mails, small business tranactions, and other important information on my vintage vacuum tube stereo hobby. Gone are contact names, and lots of other irreplaceable(sp) messages.

REPLACING the old hard disk with a new hard disk may be how your old data was lost. If the contents of the old hard disk were not copied to the new hard disk, or not restored from some kind of backup, or the old hard disk not left is as a D: drive or something, then the old data is no longer in your computer and NO program can find or restore it! Were any of these things done to save, or restore, your old data?

> My question really boils down to this, "If I buy and install z-tree for windows, will this allow me to retrieve all of my data now trapped in XTGOLD?" Will Z-Tree Gold for windows be able to let me access my data lost to me right now?

ZTreeWin is a wonderful upgrade from XTreeGold. It's a "must-have" for Windows 95/98/NT4 (and their long file names and long directory names) if you're used to XTree. ZTreeWin does almost everything XTreeGold does, plus a whole lot more, and doesn't have the limitations XTree does. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

But the answer to your boiled down question depends on your answer to the question above about saving your old data. Your "e-mails, small business tranactions, and other important information" can't be "trapped in XTreeGold" by any means I can think of. Both ZTreeWin and XTreeGold are only tools for accessing the data on your disk(s). If the data IS on your disk(s), then either one should help you access it, though ZTreeWin will probably do a better job of it.

> I must be the last person in the world who did not know that x-tree gold was discontinued by Symantic. ... I had no clue xtgold was gone. What the heck happened to x-tgold? Did the original owner's get bought out, and then xtgold was allowed to die a slow death?

Sounds like you've got the picture. See Mathias' excellent history of XTree at for the whole story.

> Forgive my rants but I for one will really miss this.. Not to mention all of my lost information I had saved there. Thanks for any help, and or advice.. :)

John, your feelings are quite understandable. I certainly hope you're able to find or restore the old data somehow whether my suggestions here provide you any help or not. Good luck in the new year 2000! 8-))

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