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Re: y2k bug in New Date, cannot set date back to 9

Posted By: Greg Akers <>
Date: Jan-3-2000 3:45 a.m.

In Response To: Re: y2k bug in New Date, cannot set date back to 9 (Mike Gaber)

> Thanks for the help, I have changed the 4 Disk Loging to Standard from Quick, so hopefully that will clear up the Freeze problem when I exit.

Ah, yes, if you were set to Quick Logging that was at least part of your problems.

> As for the on going problem on my new machine (only) with the New Date option. It appears that I cannot change "ANY" date anymore on X-Tree Gold 3.0, and make it "stick"
> I tried to change a file dated 12/26/99 to 12/25/99, and it "took", but when I exited X-Tree and re-entered it was back to 12/26/99.
> I tried to change a file dated 1/1/00 and took the default offered (for today) of 1/2/00, and again it took, but after exiting X-Tree gold, and then re-entering, the file was back to it's 1/1/00 date...

That's very strange, Mike! It almost sounds like you've got a "permanent" XTGOLD.TMP file that's being read when you start XTreeGold.

As you may know, this is the file XTG writes to save the logged information when you quit with the Alt-Z command, then when XTG is restarted it reads this file to bring you back to that saved state of logged information. If anything has changed since the writing of that file the change(s) will not be shown when XTG is started and reads that file. That's the only, wild though it may be, explanation I can think of. You don't use the Alt-Z command to exit with save, do you?

XTG erases this XTGOLD.TMP file (even if the R,S & H attributes are set) after starting and reading it. That way, when you exit normally with Quit, or Alt-Quit, there is no such file to read next time XTG starts. So, I don't see how you could have such a "permanent" XTGOLD.TMP file that might be reading old info after you change dates like this.

> All this is starting to tell me that I have some wierd things going on, on this newer computer. ...

Yes, you certainly do. I've never heard of such as this XTG New Date problem. The windows application problems are very common, though.

Please keep in touch here at the XTree Forum with updates about this problem. You might not be the only one, just the first one to find it.

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