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Re: y2k bug in New Date, cannot set date back to 9

Posted By: Mike Gaber <>
Date: Jan-2-2000 7:54 a.m.

In Response To: Re: y2k bug in New Date, cannot set date back to 9 (Greg Akers)

Hi Greg:
I am using X-Tree Gold (for Dos) 3.0...I also have XTreeGold for Windows 4.0, and have been using XtreeNet at work for years (Last version I believe).

My problem involves the XtreeGold 3.0. Funny thing it works fine on my old machine a 486 using Win 3.11 (not enough room left on a 1/2 meg hard drive for win 95 or win 98).
However I also have it installed on a newer Micron 450 using Win 98 second edition.
However at the time I posted the error, I didn't know that it worked fine on the old 486.
Since then I have found that out, and so I went back to the Micron 450, and tested again.
Sure enough, after doing a New Date back to 12/26/99 it just will not let me either re-log via Alt/F3 or exit completely, without returning the original 1/1/00 date...
I will make another quick test just to see if I can change a file's date to "any" date after 1/1/00. Also will test changing a 99 date to another 99 date. I rarely use the New Date on this newer computer, so I cannot remember if it worked here before.
The main thing is that it works on the old 486, where I really need it since I do all my old DOS stuff and Date changing there...

Another interesting thing since we turned to 1/1/00 this morning, is that on the new machine while exiting from XTree-Gold, it has frozen up 2 times, and even Nortons CrashGuard couldn't get me out of it, and I had to re-boot, which of course meant I had to go through the Scan Disk.
So it could possibly be something about this computer...

On Monday I will test this out at work where I have X-TreeGold on another Computer with the same configuration and Opertaing system, except it's on a Network...
Yes you are correct about all the good things that Z-Tree does, it's great.
I really shouldn't knock X-Tree. I have used it from the first Version. I believe it was back in 1985. Forgot the company's name, it was right down the street from me in Sherman Oaks Calif., and I used to call them and report various bugs, and they were small enough at that time that I would get right through to the programmers.
I haven't been happy with them since Symantec took over and dropped it, and then later dropped support of the Navigator for Win 95, which was a pretty good program.
I still use Navigator, although I had a problem installing it on this Win 98 machine.
Thanks for your help, I will do some more checking as I mentioned above...

> Hmmm... Mike, what version of XTree are you seeing this New Date
> "bug" in? I've tried everything I can think of in XTG 3.01 to
> duplicate this in Win98SE and WinNT4, but don't find any New Date problems
> here.

> Mathias must have done a lot of XTree testing. His Y2K statement at
> #iii says "ALL XTree VERSIONS
> [emphasis added] have been working properly under my Y2K simulation"
> where he used the 'N'ew Date command.

> Actually, XTree makes a great ZTree beta installer. Plus, it's a good
> comparison for testing, or requesting, new ZTree features!

> Glad to try to help make sense out of confusion, when possible.

> Good luck finding the time to do THAT! I, for one, certainly can't keep
> up with all the neat stuff Kim keeps adding to ZTree. In fact, testing,
> sorting and categorizing ZTree features is one of the goals of the
> ZTreeWin Forum community, as it takes lots of eyes to see them all!

> Well, check out what you see as best you can, but then go ahead and post
> your observations if they don't look right to you. That's what these
> forums are for, to help each other along those lines.

> Well, after all, ZTree started out where XTree left off. Lucky for us it
> did!

> Caio!

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