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int 25/26h and USB flashdrive under DOS

Posted By: Laurent Duchastel
Date: Apr-1-2005 4:43 p.m.


I would like somebody to confirm a problem I have with XtGold writing/reading on/from a USB flashdrive under DOS.

Many motherboard allow to boot from a USB flashdrive as A: or B: drive, which is terrific. From the flashdrive, I can run a number of utilities, including XTGold which runs fine except... when I want to read/copy/move/ files from or to the flashdrive! If the file is more than few bytes, then Xtgold just makes the flashdrive totally unavailable in a matter of seconds and a reboot is necessary to reaccess the drive. In other words, Xtgold doesn't work. Some details:

- Xtgold works fine writing/reading on/from hard disk/CD even while running on the USB key. I guess the history file is small enough on the flashdrive for XtGold not to generate a fatal disconnection of the drive.
- All regular DOS writing/reading commands on/from the flashdrive work well
- Norton Commander works fine writing/reading on/from the flashdrive (shame!)
- XtGold is the only program I know which result in disabling the flashdrive
- I tried both Quick and Standard Disk logging method
- The problem occurs with two totally different flashdrives (Sandisk MiniCruzer and Venturer MP3 player)
- DOS is the one from Win98 rescue disk

Somebody on the Ztree forum wrote me that Xtgold might access drives using low level routines (int 25/26h) which could be incompatible with this specific BIOS (ASRock K7S41GX) but I experienced this issue on totally different computers as well.

1) Has anybody experienced this ?

If yes:
2) Is there a way to force XtGold *not* to use int 25/26h (if it's the real reason) ?
3) Would another version of DOS generates less problem ?

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