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Posted By: Dennis Gatlin
Date: Sep-22-2004 6:21 p.m.

In Response To: XTG -v- WinXP..crash !! (Gary Duncan)

> Just installed WIN XP Service pack 2 and now my Xtree won't work.

> Error message says "...\AUTOEXEC.nt. The system file is not suitable
> for running in MS DOS and Microsoft Windows applications. Press
> "Close" to terminate program.

> Any ideas ????

Gary, Try opening a Dos box and manually changing to the Xtree directory.
Then try or XTG.exe see if it could be a path problem.
I do not run XP and refuse to do so.
Also try a clean copy Xtree (whatever flavor you are running.) or XTG.exe may have been corrupted.
I have had this happen several times dealing with wincrap.

Better solution is switch to Ztree.
As Juergen suggested and you will never look back.
Only things I miss are the 1word editor and the Alt-F2 format feature.
Ztree allows you to run whatever word processor you like EXCEPT the 1word editor that came with Xtree. uggg!
The Alt-F2 is supported in Ztree however uses WINDOZE format app. Again Ugggg!
pulling hair out. ;)

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