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Re: de-archiving arc files

Posted By: Charles Schubach <>
Date: Jul-29-2004 6:12 p.m.

In Response To: Re: de-archiving arc files (minusp)

> Hmmmm... came here for the same reason... un-arcing some old files, which
> WinZip, PKzip, PKxarc, and others can't handle. They were made with some
> version of Xtree, probably XTGold 2.55. Now the problem.

> WinZip et al. give me a "Bad Header" error on /all/ the files.
> OK, it's some proprietary .arc. Lets try Ztree. ALT-F5 opens the .arc as
> if it were a View Hex, not the tree structure expected. Hmmm... load up an
> old machine with MSDOS 6.22 and XTGold 2.55, no problem. Except that
> ALT-F5 opens the .arc as above... no tree, no chance to extract... Also,
> View, Edit, Help, and probably other stuff error me this > Missing
> Overlay. Grrrrrrrr.

Missing overlays? Make sure they are definitely in your XTree directory.

Then check and correct XTree's "internal path settings" as I described here:


A special archive converter "arc2zip.exe" was shipped with XTreeGold v.3.01.

After converting you should be able to access the .zip archives with e.g.
PKZip v.2.04g for DOS (SFNs) or PKZip v.2.50 for DOS (LFNs)

\ Charles

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