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Re: ERROR: XTGOLD.CFG cannot be found

Posted By: Charles Schubach <>
Date: Jul-29-2004 5:57 p.m.

In Response To: ERROR: XTGOLD.CFG cannot be found (Tom Foote)

> As a long time ZTree user, I've apparently become a fish out of water
> when it comes to getting my old DOS version of XTGOLD to work. (Could not
> find a version number, but date of XTG.EXE file is Wednesday, December 01,
> 1993, 10:59:14 AM.)

In XTreeGold press Ctrl+Alt. There you'll find the version number.

> More precisely, when I use Alt-10 to change the default editor path, and
> go to save the new configuration, I get a message to this effect: ERROR:
> XTGOLD.CFG cannot be found. This is especially curious, since my XTGOLD
> apparently loads using that very file--because all my earlier config mods
> show up.

> I've tried setting the path with the command "PATH C:\XTGOLD",
> and I've tried all permutations and combinations I can think of under
> several flavors of DOS.

> Might anyone be able to post (and email me?) the fix?

> Many thanks,

> Tom

At least in XTreeGold v.3.01 you can change its "internal" path settings.
Press Alt+F10 and then "S" (Save Configuration and Exit).
Here you also can change the path.

BTW: Your problem is very common if users just copy an installed version
to another drive and/or path. In such cases the "internal path" does no
longer fit to the actual one.

Good luck.

\ Charles

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