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Re: Maintaining Unixtree

Posted By: Mathias Winkler <>
Date: May-19-2004 9:23 p.m.

In Response To: Maintaining Unixtree (john hrdo)

> The real hurdle maintaining Unixtree is not C or
> C++. It is the never ending consideration of Unix
> variants and laughable Unix hardware. Who gives a
> **** about XYZ Unix or UVW terminals? Unix is
> disappearing, Linux is the present and the future.
> And the hardware everywhere around you is nothing
> but x86 PCs with Windows keyboards.

Hm, you would be astonished what responses do come
from current UnixTree users, so far I had mails
from people using it on/asking for versions for
FreeBSD, OpenBSD, Darwin/OSX, DG UX, HP True64,
and even Win2k !!!!

Furthermore, keep in mind the history of UnixTree,
it was originally developed as 'xtree for UNIX Systems'
back in 1990, at a time when Linus Torvalds hasn't even
thought about writing an operating systems kernel,
and at a time professional users had to deal with
dozens of commercial unix variants and people were
working on 'dumb' terminals connected to mainframe

And remember, UnixTree nowadays is still a voluntary
one-man show, done by Rob Juergens in his spare time.

> It takes me less than an hour to find a way to
> change a keybinding in ytree's source. With
> Unixtree, it takes me one hour to realize that I
> will need one week to understand vaguely how the
> keybindings are buried and protected.

Not at all:
Just use 'restool' !!
(OK it may be somewhat badly/hardly documented...):

Quoted from the CHANGES file:

| Note: Version.release bumped to "3.0.0".
| Additions:
| 1. Added German language resource file (german.res). This also results
| in delivering the english resource file (english.res) and the
| program for manipulating resource files (restool), since they are
| automatically delivered if any language other then English is
| built.


| 7. Changed the mechanism for generating resource files to make
| it more generic, rather than hard-coding the lists of files.
| The process is now much more dynamic, and it will be easier to
| add/change/delete resource lists.
| Note that now, when using restool to extract the text files
| from a resource file, that the file "resfile.txt" is always
| created, which contains the names of all the other files.
| The compile function uses this file to know what files to
| include in the resource file.
| The unique feature of these resource files is that each language
| has its own resource file and a library containing the compiled
| structs which can be linked with as a default language (this
| enables xt to run without the presence of any resource file).
| This is why you see three languages in the config menu:
| English-builtin is the linked-in default language
| English is the english.res resurce file
| Deutsch is the german.res resource file

So this 'restool' obviously can also be used
to change key bindings in the english version:

| Here is the procedure:
| 1. cd to the uxt directory
| 2. Run the cmd "restool -e english"
| This will create 5 files:
| cmds.txt all command keys
| dflt.txt "defaults" strings
| msgs.txt message strings
| errs.txt error messages
| intl.txt international options
| pgmi.txt program info strings (which should
| not be changed)
| 3. Each file is in the form .
| The "name" must stay the same (and in the same order), but
| the "string" can
| be changed. In the file "dflt.txt", all m_default_f_*
| entries are the
| strings looked for in the xt.rc file, they should stay in
| english. The m_default_m_*
| entries are the language-specific strings displayed in the
| config menu.
| 4. Change all entries you want to try changing.
| 5. Run the command "restool -c " to create a
| .res file.
| For example, "restool -c german" will create a "german.res"
| file. Then
| uxt will show three choices in the config menu:
| english (default) the built-in
| language
| english from "english.res"
| german from "german.res"

OK, I admit, we'd need volunteers for a better documentation

> A way to put to good use the Unixtree source is to
> ask the author to release a slim version of it, a

See above....

> version for Linux only, x86 only, PC keyboard
> only, with the home user in mind. This is not
> about writing new code and should not require more
> than a couple of hours from the original author.

> After which, maintenance and modifications would
> be a lot easier. And we could agree what has to be
> done.

Hm, it's GPL.....


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