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Maintaining Unixtree

Posted By: john hrdo <>
Date: May-16-2004 3:28 p.m.

Hello Matthias,

Unixtree is written in C, not C++. I once modified
a date format to be yyyy-mm-dd and it recompiled
with gcc.

The real hurdle maintaining Unixtree is not C or
C++. It is the never ending consideration of Unix
variants and laughable Unix hardware. Who gives a
**** about XYZ Unix or UVW terminals? Unix is
disappearing, Linux is the present and the future.
And the hardware everywhere around you is nothing
but x86 PCs with Windows keyboards.

It takes me less than an hour to find a way to
change a keybinding in ytree's source. With
Unixtree, it takes me one hour to realize that I
will need one week to understand vaguely how the
keybindings are buried and protected. There are
plenty of intermediate layers whose only function
is to accommodate obsolete videos and keyboards and
an operating system which does not exist in the

A way to put to good use the Unixtree source is to
ask the author to release a slim version of it, a
version for Linux only, x86 only, PC keyboard
only, with the home user in mind. This is not
about writing new code and should not require more
than a couple of hours from the original author.

After which, maintenance and modifications would
be a lot easier. And we could agree what has to be



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